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Melody, harmony and rhythm are the key elements when it comes to any style of music. That distinctive rhythm that is present throughout your favourite song is more often than not created by the bass player. Without a good bass player there would be no funk in funk bands, no swing in jazz and no heads moving at punk rock shows. Bass players are the ones who get the crowds moving!


Learning how to play the bass is a step in the right direction especially if you have intentions of joining a band. Most musicians agree that the hardest band member to find is the bass player. They are a vital part of every band because they create the tempo and groove. Anthony's Music School has the right lesson packages available for all students. From learning the correct posture (while holding the bass) to playing your favourite song, we offer the right level of tuition, personalised to suit every individual depending on their level of skill. Don't let your dreams of learning how to play bass bite the dust! Call Anthony's Music School today.


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