Where to Find Professional Piano Lessons in Liverpool

Do you want to learn how to play an instrument? Many people desire to play an instrument but put it off because they feel overwhelmed at the prospect. At Anthonys Music, we offer piano lessons in Liverpool and a host of music classes more .

Learn How to Play the Guitar with Lessons in Liverpool

When a child shows an interest in music, some parents are gleeful while others are worried about the potential cost and scheduling constraints. Now parents have a partner in the music industry. At Anthonys Music, we have what you need to get more .

Discover your Voice with Singing Lessons in Liverpool

Singing is a way for people to express themselves, and for many singing has become an exciting hobby, a lucrative profession, or even a way to reduce daily stress. Whether you’re new to voice or a gifted vocalist, we have the classes that more .

Local Business offers Affordable Music Lessons in Liverpool

When it comes to budgeting, it stands to reason that the line item for hobbies may get wiped out or shoved to the bottom of the budget. If you have a child or teen that’s a budding musician, you shouldn’t have to worry about reducing their more .

Why You Should Choose Drum Lessons in Liverpool

You know the lead singers, and you know the guitarists behind most of the major bands, and if you’re a music fan, you also know that the drummers are the real soul of rock and roll. That’s because drums give music its rhythmic centre. From more .

Learn to Play with Ukulele Lessons in Liverpool

Among stringed instruments, the ukulele is simple yet provides a fantastic sound. Because of that, it’s no surprise that so many people are interested in learning how to play this instrument. The ukulele is quick to learn (especially if more .

Getting Started with Violin Lessons in Liverpool

Its classical roots and beautiful sound are just a couple of the reasons that so many people love the violin. However, many people may feel intimidated by the violin, especially if it’s their first time learning to read music or if they have more .

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