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Abigail has always been passionate about drumming since a very young age. Now with a Bachelor’s degree in Music she continues to develop her passion for the drums. Inspired and taught by various industry professionals, Abigail has been playing drums for over 10 years and is keen to share her knowledge.

Her drum tuition program begins with lesson basics such as starting with correct drum stick balance, posture and how to read drum notation, learning rudimentary techniques, setting up the drum kit professionally and in no time will have you playing the drums to your favourite songs.


Abigail enjoys being a drum teacher and that shines through in each lesson. She keeps the students interested and motivated. Students of all levels will benefit from her extensive skills and knowledge as she guides them through the important steps ensuring each student of becoming the best drummer they can be.



You know the lead singers, and you know the guitarists behind most of the major bands, and if you’re a music fan, you also know that the drummers are the real soul of rock and roll. That’s because drums give music its rhythmic centre. From frenetic and high energy drummers to robust and solid drummers, there are many different types in the music world, and if you’re interested in developing your own style, taking drum lessons in Liverpool is a great place to start, regardless of whether you’ve been learning on your own in the past.

Taking drum lessons with a skilled instructor who understands the art of drumming can help you learn more about the skills and techniques needed to work with a drum kit. After all, if you know anything about drumming then you already know that this instrument does far more than simply keep the rhythm. It can drive home deep bass lines, push forward crashing melodic complements and more. Taking drum lessons in Liverpool gives you the opportunity to learn more than you would by practicing on your own or reading a book.

If you’re interested in lessons in the Liverpool area, then you can find what you’re searching for at Anthonys Music School. We start with the fundamentals of the instrument when teaching the drums, helping you learn the basics, and then build you up the way that you want to learn. That way, you can become the drummer you want to be.



Were you born to rock? Are you looking for an avenue to express your creativity while burning all that rhythmic energy? Drum lessons might just be for you. Drumming has many benefits ranging from assisting in coordination to helping with stress relief which can be a great outlet!


Some people think that drumming is 'just noise' but it's a great form of self-expression which releases endorphins in the human brain and makes you feel more positive and energized. Who knew that drumming was so therapeutic? Drum lessons actually help you learn at faster pace due to the direct feedback you receive from your teacher.


Anthony's Music School do not enforce any particular style of music, instead we teach our students the core basics and fundamentals when playing any instrument. By doing this we ensure that students can then play any style of music that they wish to perform. We teach all levels of drumming from basic drum patterns to reading music to playing your favourite songs and everything else in between! Drumming stimulates creative expression so why not release the inner-drummer in you? Give us a call today and get that beat and rhythm happening!


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